Beauty will save the world. - Fyodor Dostoevsky
We have all had the experience of being overcome with the beauty of something in this world. Whether it was the beauty of a spectacular sunset, a magnificent mountain range, or the simple beauty of a snow covered panorama. We have even experienced the beauty of another person, whether in their features or in some act of charity towards another.  We have all experienced this, but we also all know that there is more to beauty than this.
Saint Augustine implores us to, Question the beauty of the earth,...of the sea, of the air...of the sky...question all of these realities.  All respond: "See, we are beautiful."  Their beauty is a profession.  These beauties are subject to change.  Who made them if not the Beautiful One who is not subject to change?
This Friday Night Faith series we will pursue the question of what beauty is, or more precisely, who beauty is, in order to be drawn closer to him. We will approach all of this in the context of the one who poured out his life on the cross so that we too could participate in the glory of his beauty. The uncreated Beauty of God which has joined itself to the created beauty of man in the Divine Person of Jesus Christ.
Over these four weeks we will explore beauty through the visual arts, music, and liturgy - We will explore the beauty of God dying on the cross. Join us for this Friday Night Faith series and be struck by the arrow of beauty that is Jesus Christ.  He who is, as Dostoevsky said, the Beauty that saves the world.


What Is Beauty?(82 mins 20 secs)

October 11, 2013
Presented by Rev. Fr. Josh Allen

Music & the Liturgy(82 mins 42 secs)

October 18, 2013
Presented by Jonathan Eason

The Sacrifice of the Mass(37 mins 42 secs)

November 1, 2013
Presented by Jayna Hoffacker

Beauty and the Liturgy(70 mins 26 secs)

How Art & Architecture Come together in the Celebration of the Liturgy
November 15, 2013
Presented by Rev. Fr. Josh Allen

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