A four talk series presented by Patrick Madrid on Saturday, September 12, 2009.

Search and Rescue: How You Can Help People Come Home to the Church
(68 min 36 sec)

Based on the popular book by the same title, this seminar explains ten crucial "dos and don'ts" for Catholics who want to share, explain, and defend their Catholic beliefs. With a generous helping of humorous anecdots, biblical examples, and practical illustrations, this talk equips lay Catholics with the tools they need to help their family, friends, and co-workers come into (or back into) the Catholic Church.

Why Be Catholic? (When You Could Be Anything Else?)
(59 min 27 sec)

This talk is a charitable and respectful examination of a dozen key biblical and historical reasons for being Catholic. Includes a discussion of common reasons why Catholics leave the Church, why they return, and what lay Catholics can do to help people better understand the teachings of the Catholic Church from a biblical and historical standpoint.

Answers to Lies Society Tells You
(71 min 13 sec)

A fast-paced, information-packed look at several common fallacies we frequently encounter in our culture, including ones like these: "If it feels good, do it," "There's no such thing as objective truth," "The earth is overcrowded," "Suffering is bad," "Abortion is wrong, except in cases of rape and incest," "Belief in Christ is just a blind leap of faith," "Assisted suicide is a noble option for those whose quality of life is not worth living," "The Catholic Church is anti-intellectual," "Question authority!" and more.

Answer Me This!: How to Respond to Common Questions about Catholicism
(53 min 47 sec)

From Mary to the Papacy, from the Eucharist to Contraception, there are many questions people ask about the Catholic Church. This illuminating seminar shows how to answer these and other questions using the Bible and the facts of Christian history for support. Just as importantly, this talk shows why it's so important to always answer questions and challenges "with gentleness and respect" (1 Peter 3:16), and how to do so without losing your cool or trying to "win" an argument.