Islam and the Crusades

This three part lecture will explore the life and teaching of Muhammad. What are Islam's origins and principal teachings? How does Islam compare with Judaism and Christianity? We will explore Islam's growth and goals and the conditions which allowed it to succeed. How is this religion related to events of the past and those of our modern times? How do we hold true to the teachings of Christ?

We will explore the conditions of the Roman Empire which contributed to Islamic expansion. The Crusades have always been misunderstood and contentious. We will look at who, how, when, and why from a Christianized Europe faced with a perennial enemy. Europe itself was self-absorbed in nation building, power struggles, and its own religious catastrophe. What were the Crusader's motivations? Was it truly a war declared on a peaceful populace for territorial and financial gain? What were the costs? And finally, what was achieved?

Finally, when did the wars between Christianity and Islam end? What do the Qur’an and Bible say about the pitting of brother against brother? While Isaac and Ishmael may be the progenitors of Jew and Arab, it is the story of Cain and Abel that may be more applicable. What role does Islam play in the modern world? What are its aims? What does the evidence actually show?

Join us for this three night series on Islam and the Crusades!

Thursday Evenings
July 16 - July 30, 2015
7:00-8:30 PM
Corbett Hall
Presented by: George Yourick

Islam and the Crusades Schedule

7/16/15 - Origins of Islam

7/23/15 - Expansion of Islam and the Crusades

7/30/15 - Peace? Islam after the Crusades