360° Spirituality

Many people spend about one hour per week in church and 167 hours doing other things.  Our lives in that other 167 hours are filled with challenges, opportunities, problems, work, leisure, etc., etc.  Sometimes we are so busy with so much that it is hard to step back and focus on what we really are doing with our lives.  And, where does God fit into those other 167 hours.

And, aren't those other 167 hours supposed to be an essential part of our spirituality?

Come join with me and other Saint Brigid parishioners to engage in an interesting and fun process to explore spirituality and life planning in four important areas of life. Let the Spirit of God, the Holy Spirit, enhance all parts of your life with the excitement of a mission, to become more of what your are, what you want to be, and what you want to do with the life God has given you. I would love to have you join us!

Deacon Henry Hein



Saint Brigid's Friday Night Faith Series is a time of fellowship for our parishioners and guests. Food and drink are provided along with presentations by great, local Catholic speakers. Come to one or two. Come to them all! Each night will bring you something new. Whether it is learning yet another reason to love our wondrous God, time to relax with your brothers and sisters in Christ, or having a fantastic meal, you don't want to miss the Friday Night Faith Series at Saint Brigid. (Clicking Register Now! will open up a new window on a secure server to register and accept payment.)

January 27, February 3, & February 10 - 2017
Corbett Hall
Dinner 7-7:45 PM
Presentation 7:45-9 PM
Presented by Deacon Henry Hein

$10 per person / per night - Dinner & drinks included
Babysitting available