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A Gift to all for Christmas- “Rediscovering the Saints”

December 26, 2019

December has been a busy month for MOSB.  NOW CLOSED, the Christmas tree lot was in full swing and during their December meeting, they prepared this year’s parish Christmas gift, the book “Rediscover the Saints by the best selling author, Matthew Kelly.

Matthew states:  “Think the saints are a bunch of long-gone, mostly fictionalized dead people?  Think again!  The saints are alive and well —and they want to be part of your life!  ‘Rediscover the Saints’ isn’t a dusty biography filled with dates and anecdotes.  It’s a love letter.  It’s an invitation.”

The Men of Saint Brigid shows us just what our parish is capable of.

The books will be distributed at all the Fourth Sunday of Advent and Christmas Masses.



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