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‘Dead Man Rising’: A Film About Finding Redemption Through Christ

January 25, 2020

Our next Respect Life Family Dinner and Movie Night is Saturday, January 25th at 6:15 PM in Corbett Hall. 

Come for dinner catered by Ippolittos and movie to follow. The cost is only $10.00 per person. Online registration is now closed.  Please email Cathy if you are still interested in attending.

Synopsis for “Dead Man Rising”: When Daniel, a death row inmate, hears the horrors of previous executions using new experimental drugs, he pleads for access to information on how to best face his own, upcoming demise. What this faithless and hopeless prisoner finds instead, will shake up everything he has ever known, ever believed. When a neighboring inmate, who faces the same fate, challenges Daniel’s newfound knowledge of all things eternal, Daniel finds himself not only defending but evolving into a stalwart Christian. Will his soul be saved in time?

This won awards in the Christian Film Festival for Audience Choice Award, Best Writer (brother of Deacon Manning from the Archdiocese of Atlanta) and Best Cast ensemble. In AFA awards it received best director, Best Supporting Actor, Best Art Direction awards.


For info please contact Cathy Schneider at respectlife.saintbrigid@gmail.com.


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