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Easter Sunday of the Resurrection of the Lord

April 22, 2019

On this day we offer the joyful sacrifice of praise to the Father who raised his Son for the dead.  Let us be intent upon the life Christ offers us, Christ our Passover who has been sacrificed.  And we begin the fifty days of Easter Season, celebrating in JOY and exultation.  These are days above all others in which ALLELUIA is sung.

Easter Vigil in the Holy Night
Saturday, April 20, 2019
8:30 PM  Vigil / Main Church
(reception for Neophytes following Mass in Youth Ctr)

Easter Sunday
Sunday, April 21, 2019
 *please note change from regular Mass times
* 5:30 AM Sunrise / parking lot (Bring your own lawn chair.)
* 7:00 AM  / Church & Corbett Hall
9:00 AM, * 11:00 AM
/ Church, Corbett Hall & Holy Redeemer Gym
and * 1:00 PM Church & Corbett Hall
There is no 5:00 PM Life Teen Mass this day.

Easter Monday
April 22, 2019
There 6:30 AM Mass and Confession are NOT scheduled this day.

Masses Parking Instructions

Saint Brigid has entered into an agreement to allow our parishioners park at the Mt. Pisgah Athletic Center, adjacent to the Rectory, just south on Brumbelow Rd.

Shuttle buses will be to and from Holy Redeemer and the Athletic Center beginning at 8:00 AM to 2:30 PM for the Easter Sunday Masses. 
Please follow the instructions of our volunteer Knights and Police Officers.  Be charitable with your fellow parishioners and visitors.  Drive slowly.  Respect all Handicap, Senior, and Clergy parking spots.  Also, observe the NO parking Fire lanes marked with the RED curbs. These areas must be kept clear for emergency vehicles.  Thank you!

Thomas Hugh Schimmel, Sr., Mass of Christian Burial

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