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Eyes of God Video – featuring our Respect Life Ministry

December 16, 2020

Our Saint Brigid Respect Life ministry saves lives and saves families and helps lead souls to heaven.  Pray with them on Friday mornings or assist a family with your time or treasure.  Visit www.saintbrigid.org/respectlife for info.

Pregnant and need help? Call 1-800-712-4357 or visit the Pregnancy Aid Clinic.  If you’ve had an abortion and need healing contact: www.rachelsvineyard.org.

This song was recorded by Third Day’s Jason Hoard, written by Josh Harris, Lisa Rosemond, and features Jadyn Noh.  Listen everywhere at https://song.link/EyesOfGod.

Connect with Joshuas Giant’s at  https://Facebook.com/JoshuasGiants  and https://Instagram.com/JoshuasGiants

Thank you – Men of Saint Brigid Charity Challenge

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