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Saint Vincent de Paul Food Drive, Only Sat. July 18th

July 19, 2020

 10:00 am to 12:00 pm  &  6:00 pm to 7:00 pm. 

The SVDP food pantry provides much needed food for those in need in our local community.  For those wishing to donate, please drive up to the church breezeway (covered walkway) and members of the parish Knights of Columbus will help unload your car and provide you with a receipt for tax purposes.  Teen volunteers from the parish are welcome to assist with accepting donations.  Thank you for your generosity.  For additional information contact Brian Bimonte at mifla@bellsouth.net.

Please no LARGE cans/sizes and only NON-PERISHABLE,  NON-EXPIRED items!

Current list of needed food items.  Thank you for your support of those in need.

Milk (shelf- stable) 32 oz
Jelly or Jam (12 oz)
Oatmeal (1 lb canister or 12 oz instant)
Pancake Mix (1 lb)
Pancake Syrup small (12 oz)
Rice (1 lb bag or box)
Canned Broth (15 oz)
Peanut Butter (18 oz)
Cereal (regular size)
Potato (instant or mix)
Meal Maker (Hamburger Helper 6 oz)
Canned Chicken (12 oz)
Canned Tuna (6 oz)
Canned Tomato Soup (10.5 oz)
Canned Cream Soup (10.5 oz)
Canned Tomato Soup (10.5 oz)
Canned Cream Soup (10.5 oz)
Can Chicken Noodle (10.5 oz)
Large Canned Soup (19 oz)
Pasta Sauces Jar/Can (24 oz)
Pasta Sauces Jar/Can (24 oz)
Pasta (16 oz box)
Canned Peas (15 oz)
Canned Vegetables (15 oz)
Canned Fruits  (15 oz)
Canned Tomatoes (15 oz)
Canned Black Beans (15 oz)
Canned Other Beans (15 oz)
Canned Corn (15 oz)
Canned Green Beans (15 oz)
Spaghetti-Os/Ravioli (15 oz)
Spaghetti (1 lb box)
Mac & Cheese (7.25 oz box)
Shampoo and Conditioner
Laundry and Dish Detergent
Paper Towels
Toilet Paper
Toothpaste (small or medium)
Toothbrushes (individual)
Hand Bar Soap


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