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“The Church Fully Alive” Lenten Parish Mission and Penance Service

April 10, 2019

Monday to Wednesday, April 8, 9 and 10;  with two sessions daily.  10:00-11:00 AM or 7:00-8:00 PM.
Coffee and breakfast snacks will be served after the 9 AM Daily Mass before the mission session starts. Babysitting will be provided for both sessions with reservation to Jennifer at childcare@saintbrigid.org,

The Mission concludes with our Parish Penance Service on April 11, at 7:00 PM with many visiting priests.

The theme of the mission is “The Church Fully Alive” and will be presented by Joe Farris of The Ten Ten group.

Finding joy in life is not a one-time decision.  It is a choice we make again and again every day.  The same could be said for loving the people in our lives, or trusting in God, or being a part of a healthy community.  What separates a simple moment in time from a habit we form is that with forming habits comes a journey.  While we all begin our journey at the same place, birth, we all take many different paths along the way.  We are all in unique situations, relationships, and seasons.  Yet, we are on this journey of life together – a life that Jesus said should be abundant!

Joe Farris has been speaking to Catholic audiences all over North America for the past 20 years with a consistent message of inspiration and hope. Joe has a reputation for being incredibly easy to work with and has been called an eclectic blend of storyteller, comedian, and motivator.  His most important work is 24 years of marriage to his wife Ashley and his 6 incredible children.  You and your community will never be the same after a visit from Joe Farris!

The first day’s theme will be “Restore: The Adventure of True Freedom,” the second day’s program is “Unpredictable: An Encounter with Love” and the final day, “Reconnect: The Solution for a Disconnected World.” Coffee and breakfast snacks will be served after the 9:00 AM before the mission session starts.  Babysitting will be provided for both sessions with reservation to childcare@saintbrigid.org.

Sign up for Java with Joe to receive a daily text that breaks open a theme that will help you grow in holiness.  Each day will be short and sweet, quick enough to look at while you drink your coffee.  It may be a Scripture, positive encouragement, Saint Quote, question or challenge – but it will always help you center yourself in Truth before you begin each day.  Text JAVAWITHJOE to the number 41411.

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