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Year-End Giving

December 31, 2019

2019 Year-End Contributions   

All contributions for 2019 must either be postmarked or dropped off at the parish office by Dec. 31st. ( By mail or secure after-hour drop box located to the left of the office doors that will be checked daily )  Contributions received after Dec. 31st will be posted as a 2020  donation.

 If given online, the donation is recognized on the credit/debit card transaction date or the date it is deducted from your bank account.  Contact  Teresa in the Business office at  678-393-0060,  ext. 112 for info.

2019 Stock Donations

 Please visit our website and click on the ‘Giving’ tab at the top of the page and then look for ‘Stock Gifts and Gift Planning’ box.  Follow the ‘Instructions for making a Charitable Gift of Securities’.  Please contact Teresa Rohmiller with the details of the new transaction and which fund(s) you want the donation posted so that your account can be properly credited.  Thank you.

IRA Charitable Distributions

 Did you know that federal law allows tax-free charitable distributions from your IRA?  If you are 70 ½ or older you can make a direct distribution (up to $100,000) from your IRA directly to your parish.  It will not count as taxable income and it can satisfy your ‘required minimum distribution.

Don’t forget, we offer ONLINE GIVING.

Visit our website at www.saintbrigid.org/giving.      Or simply scan the OR Code image on the right with your smartphone.  It will take you directly to our giving webpage.  Email Rachel or Teresa at  rcoco@saintbrigid.org or trohmiller@saintbrigid.org  for information.


How Does Saint Brigid Put Your Contributions to Work?

 The clergy and staff would like to extend a special thank you to all who financially support Saint Brigid Catholic Church as well as over eighty of our ministries.  Here are just a few of the ways your contributions are being put to work.

Church and Rectory Facilities:

Maintenance of our beautiful church building and rectory, covering custodial and maintenance services, repairs, improvements, grounds upkeep, security, utilities and support staff.

Liturgy and Music:  

Celebration of each weekday, weekend and holy day liturgies which includes our organists, pianists, and other musicians, communion hosts, altar wine, beautiful flowers and decorations for our Easter and Christmas liturgies and so much more.

Religious Education and Ministry: 

Support of adult education programs, RCIA and RCIC, School of Religion for our younger children, our Edge program for the Middle School kids, the LifeTeen program for our teenagers, our Special Needs program, sacramental preparation, marriage preparation, and all of our wonderful ministries that are addressing the needs of so many.


Printing, postage, office supplies, website development and maintenance, property and liability insurance, replacement of furniture and equipment as well as salaries for management and support staff.

We ask for your continued generosity, especially at Christmas, to support the needs of our church.   Please pray that God will continue to bless Saint Brigid Catholic Church and all who enter our doors.


A Gift to all for Christmas- “Rediscovering the Saints”

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