Pray for Our Troops

Please pray for these brave men and women serving in our forces and their families.
They are the family members of Saint Brigid parishioners.

Please contact the parish office at 678-393-0060 ext. 100 or for updates to the Military prayer list.

Air Force

  • Capt Gregory Farrell


  • SSG David Arispe
  • LTC Sharon Aut
  • PFC Paul T. Badics
  • PFC Michael Brennan
  • SGT William Camden, Jr.
  • SPC Michael Connors
  • CPT Derek Elze
  • MAJ Peter Heiko Fechtel
  • SGT Kevin Feely
  • CPT Fr. Matthew Foley
  • COL Michael Foley
  • SPC Todd Fredette
  • 2LT Drew Johnson
  • SPC Daniel Joseph Jordan
  • CW4 Chris Kernan
  • 2LT Carl Lymangood
  • SSG John Malone
  • 1LT Michael V. Mason
  • SGT Grant McGarry
  • PFC Adam Rasmussen
  • SPC Tom Sala (National Guard)
  • PFC Eric Strazzeri
  • SPC Jonathan Stryker
  • PVT Rock Thompson
  • 1SG Steven Thorman
  • CPT Blair Tighe, Jr.
  • MAJ Graham White

Marine Corps

  • Capt Anthony Conticelli
  • Cpl Barry Costello
  • Capt Kenneth Inselmann
  • Recruit Andrew J. McGinty
  • Cpl Andrew J. Wilson


  • LT Mike Augustyn
  • LT Joseph L. Campbell
  • AR Sean Coats
  • LCDR Marc Fryman
  • LT Andrew Meachum
  • CDR Paul D. Melvey
  • LT Christopher Reidy
  • Plebe Candidate Giovanni Sessoms USMMA (Kings Point)
  • LCDR Bradley W. Thomas
  • ENS Nathan D. White