Mass Times and Holy Days Schedule

The Easter Season 

The fifty days from the Sunday of the Resurrection to Pentecost Sunday are celebrated in joy and exultation as one feast day, indeed as “one great Sunday”.  These are the days above all others in which the ALLELUIA is sung.  (Universal norms, 22)   The days of the Easter octive form the early hours of this great Sunday, with accounts of our Lord who rose early in the morning and the early preaching of the disciples who were witnesses to his resurrection.

In-person Mass Times resumes May 25, 2020

Post Covid-19 schedule (tentative)

MONDAY 9:00 am & 5:00 pm (no 5:00 PM on Memorial Day)


FRIDAY 9:00 am & 5:00 pm

SATURDAY 9:00 am

SUNDAY LITURGSat. 5:00 Vigil, 7:00 am, 9:00 am, 11:00 am, 1:00 pm, and 5:00 pm

Seating is limited.

Read below for important guidelines and instructions. 

All Masses and liturgical services will continue to be recorded and be available for viewing on the parish website and the Saint Brigid YouTube channel.  
Please pray for those impacted by the virus. During these unprecedented times, giving due consideration to “social distancing”, please make the effort to pray together, to eat together, and to talk to each other in the privacy of your own residence.  Please strive to bond as a family and as a faith community.

Seating and Capacity –

Phase 1 will have weekday Mass at 9:00 am Monday thru Saturday. There will be no 6:30 am  Mass at this time.  Masses will be limited to 25% capacity with Social distancing guidelines in place.  For Saint Brigid, that equates to approximately 225 people in our main sanctuary per Mass.  We will have a weekend Mass schedule sent out next week and all Mass times available on our website.

  • Attendance will be on a first-come-first seated basis beginning 15-20 minutes prior to Mass. We regret that we may not be able to accommodate all our parishioners for that Mass but know we are offering many Masses to attend throughout the week.
  • The Nursery and Cry Rooms are CLOSED.
  • Entrance to the church will be through the Narthex only.  (Note: mobility challenged parishioners are encouraged to use the entry through the breezeway doors for access to the elevator).
  • Only one family unit at a time should use the elevator. The Narthex guardian will wipe the buttons each time it is used and will send it back to the 1st floor.

Before You Arrive —

  • Wash your hands and take your temperature, any reading above 99.6 ºF should not come to Mass.
  • For ages 10 and up (per CDC guidelines), face coverings are required before you enter and while you are in the building.
  • NOTE: If you or anyone in your household is feeling sick or in a high-risk group, for your sake and that of all in attendance, we ask that you please stay at home.
  • If possible, bring your own hand sanitizer that can be used before receiving Holy Communion.
  • Do NOT bring items that contain bleach into the sanctuary as this will damage the pews.

Arrival Procedures —

  • The Divine Mercy Chaplet starts 45 minutes and the Holy Rosary starts 30 minutes before the Daily Mass. All of the rules apply to parishioners coming to these liturgies. You may need to move where you are seated prior to mass to accommodate for family size.
  • Please enter through the Narthex only, with an emphasis on social distancing, per household — as marked clearly with tape.  Once Mass starts no one will be admitted to the Sanctuary.
  • The main doors leading to the Narthex will open at 8:00 am for The Divine Mercy Chaplet.
  • The ushers will seat your household for the 9:00 am Mass in the designated spots capable of seating your family group. Groups larger than 8 will need to split up into 2 or more groups.
  • The church will be seated to fill the open spots from front to back.
  • Seating preference cannot be accomplished at this time.  You are asked to please follow the directives of the ushers.
  • You may be sharing a pew with another household, but social distance (6 ft) is required between the households – which may be an individual, a couple, or multiple members of a family.
  • The sections will be seated based upon the family size and seating space available.
  • The Narthex will remain clear throughout the Mass, no standing in the Narthex will be allowed except for the Narthex guardian.

Mass Procedures —

  • There will be no paper in the Sanctuary. You can view the readings for the day at the “Word Among Us” website on your phone at  Congregational singing is discouraged.
  • There is to be no physical contact between households — at the Sign of Peace or hand-holding during the Lord’s Prayer.
  • If there is coughing or sneezing in the pew, you may be asked by the usher to move to the Cry room for the duration of the Mass.
  • Baskets will not be passed during the offertory.  You will be able to place your weekly gift in a basket as you exit the church, but we strongly encourage online giving through our website.  Baskets will be available at all daily Masses since this may be the only Mass that some of the faithful will be able to attend.

Communion Procedures —

  • The Bishops of Georgia have encouraged receiving the Eucharist in the hand. (The Precious Blood will not be distributed.)
  • The Holy Eucharist will be distributed in the hand only.
  • Please do NOT wear gloves when receiving The Holy Eucharist.
  • Use of personal hand sanitizer before Communion is strongly encouraged
  • Communion will be distributed by section in the following manner to ensure social distancing. Ushers will assist in sending each pew.

– Side section on Mary’s side (A) and Center section on Joseph’s side (C) will proceed.

– Side section on Joseph’s side (D) and Center section on Mary’s side (B) will then proceed once the first two are completed.


 Masks should be worn in the Communion line. 

After the priest presents you with the Body of Christ, please step to the side, remove your mask, consume the Eucharist.

Replace your mask as you head back to your pew.


Departure Procedures —

  • After the final blessing, parishioners must remain in their pew.
  • Pews will be dismissed by the ushers in an orderly fashion starting in the rear of the church and then moving forward.
  • You must exit your pew when prompted. Private prayer is not available after Mass
  • All exits in the Narthex will be utilized during departure.
  • You can drop your weekly offertory as you depart.
  • Clergy will not shake hands in the Narthex/plaza. They will wave as you exit.
  • As difficult as this may be — Please do not congregate outside but head directly to your vehicle. If you congregate in the parking lot, please maintain social distancing, and please watch out for vehicles that are exiting.

Thank you for your cooperation.



Lent stimulates us to let the Word of God penetrate our life and in this way to know the fundamental truth: who we are, where we come from, where we must go, what path we must take in life….
Pope Benedict XVI