Our clergy’s duties are many, though the most important is to create a sense of acceptance and love for our parishioners and visitors.  Get in touch with us by emailing, calling or having a chat with us after Mass.

Rev. Msgr. Hugh Marren

Senior Priest in Residence

678-309-0060 x102

Rev. Fr. Neil Herlihy

Rev. Fr. Bill Hao

Rev. Mr. James P. Wolf

Rev. Mr. Leo Gahafer

Deacon - Pastoral Associate
& Rite of Christian Initiation Adults
Confirmation Coordinator 678-393-0060 x104

Rev. Mr. Ron L. Leidenfrost

Rev. Mr. Tim Tye

Rev. Mr. Tom Huff

Renewal Program Coordinator
Sponsor Couples Coordinator 678-393-0060 x115