Our Philosophy

Saint Brigid Day School nurtures the whole child in the areas of spiritual, physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development.  Early childhood is the most important period of growth for a human being. The quality of the child’s early experience lays the foundation for how they perceive themselves as learners.  We strive to nurture confident and competent individuals and caring members of the community who know, love and serve God. Our Early Childhood program promotes joy in discovery and learning in a nurturing Christian environment.

We recognize that each child is a gift of God, each with their own blend of strengths, needs, learning styles, interests, and talents. The school also recognizes that children differ in their rate and patterns of learning. Our focus is on developmentally appropriate experiences that promote creativity, critical thinking, and curiosity. Our school provides opportunities for large group, small group, and individual choices for learning.

At Saint Brigid Day School, children learn through play and exploration.  Play is children’s work. It is the means by which young children discover, interpret, and come to understand the world.  Through co-operative and independent play, children explore, test ideas, acquire information and determine their conclusions.  Children need an environment with opportunities for active exploration.  We provide this through the use of developmental learning centers.  Classrooms have specific areas for art, science, sensory exploration, reading, listening, music, building, and using manipulatives.  Children are eager to pursue activities at their own pace.  Interaction with these materials, with each other and with their teachers nurtures the whole child and ultimately the growth of early reading, writing, math, and science skills.

For the youngest children, the program is designed to promote language and communication skills, to foster cognitive development, to stimulate sensory awareness, to enhance socialization, to develop motor skills and to stress listening and exploration as vital learning tools within a spiritual community.