Application Process

Applications will be available and accepted in mid-January for placement in the fall. Please check the Saint Brigid Catholic Church bulletin for specific dates. A non-refundable enrollment fee of $125.00 per child or $175.00 per family is required for all students who are placed on a class list. This is due along with the application, and a photograph of the child. If needed, additional documents, may be requested. Once a completed application is received, your child will either be enrolled or put on our current wait list. If your child is enrolled your advanced deposit for one month’s tuition will be due on May 1st. If your child is placed on the wait list your application fee will be returned.

We wish we could accommodate all children of our parish and even those of other denominations. However, if space is limited, priority will be given as follows:

1. Active Catholics of Saint Brigid Catholic Church
2. Active Catholics of an Archdiocesan Catholic Church other than Saint Brigid
3. Non-active Catholics
4. Members of other denominations

“Active Catholics” is defined as being registered in the parish, attends Liturgy (Mass) on Sundays, is involved in parish ministries and organizations, has a current Stewardship of Time and Talent pledge form on file in the parish office and participates in stewardship through use of parish offertory envelopes.