Frequently Asked Questions About Marriage

Must the Bride and Groom both be Catholic to marry at Saint Brigid?

No. The Catholic Church welcomes interfaith marriages between Catholics and non-Catholics. During marriage preparation, the Catholic party will be asked to promise to maintain his or her own faith and also do all in his or her power to ensure that children born of the union are raised in the Catholic faith. The non-Catholic party does not make any promises but is aware of the promise by the Catholic party.  A member of our clergy can offer more details about this.

Do I need to be registered parishioner at Saint Brigid to have my wedding there?

No, you do not need to be registered at Saint Brigid. However, we do urge you to register at Saint Brigid or another parish near you. so that you may practice your faith as an engaged/married couple.

When are weddings scheduled?

Weddings are scheduled on Saturdays, only at 11:00 AM, 2:00 PM and 7:00 PM.  These times may not be changed.

What is the fee for use of the church and facilities?

The standard fee covers the use of the sanctuary or chapel, the musician (organist) and the wedding director, as well as marriage preparation materials. A discounted fee is available to Saint Brigid parishioners who have been registered and active in the parish for at least six months before scheduling their wedding.
Main Church – $1,500 or Chapel – $1,000

What is the seating capacity?

The main sanctuary seats approximately 1,000 people. The seating capacity of the Chapel is 80 people. (including the wedding party)

Who is able to officiate our wedding at Saint Brigid?

Only Catholic weddings are celebrated at Saint Brigid, so any Roman Catholic priest or deacon, ordained and in good standing, may officiate with permission from our Pastor.

Can Ministers from another denomination participate in weddings at Saint Brigid?

Yes, ministers from other denominations are welcome to participate in certain aspects of the ceremony. Please consult with your Catholic clergy for more information.

How far in advance may I schedule my wedding?

A wedding may be scheduled up to 12 months in advance of your proposed date, especially for certain times of the year. Generally, a minimum of six months before your anticipated date is necessary to complete marriage preparation requirements. All weddings are scheduled on a first-come basis.

What if one of us has been married before?

Church law requires that each party be free to marry. If either party has been married before, and the previous marriage spouse is still living, an annulment of the previous marriage is required. It is a common misconception that a divorced person who “was not married in the Church” (ie…civil or non-catholic church) would not need an annulment decree. Even in these cases, however, a form of annulment is still required. A wedding date cannot be scheduled until the annulment has been granted and both parties are free to marry.

Is there a marriage preparation requirement?

Yes, Marriage preparation typically includes participation in the Saint Brigid Sponsor Couple Program and 3 to 4 meetings with Clergy. Other marriage preparation options may be available depending on your situation.