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all things a possible

All Things Are Possible For God

Twenty-Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time
· Approach life in the Kingdom with the openness to majesty, wonder and goodness that children have.
· It is even possible for God to help us balance the demands of our lives and the demands He places upon us.
· How hard it is to understand what it means to give up everything to obtain yet more?
· We need food and shelter and enough to care for fulfilling our obligations, but do these concerns keep us from God?
· What is your focus? What is in the back of your mind as you do everything?
· Do you think that God does not know what you need? Do you think that He will not help you to use your wealth and talents to the fullest?
· Ask Him to help you balance and use what you have to further your mission in life.

Whoever Wishes To Be The First Among You Will Be The Slave To All

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