Message of the Week

Be Doers of the Word

“Be Doers of the Word, Not Hearers Only.”

Twenty-Second Sunday in Ordinary Time
· Jesus attacks the hypocrisy of following the formalities of religion without taking them to heart.
· God has set His rules and precepts before us as guides to save us.
· Focus on the rules or externals, to build our self-esteem in the opinion of others, instead leaves us empty.
· Following God’s commandments of loving God and our neighbor is a must for our lives.
· Jesus went to great lengths in recent weeks to explain how the receiving of the Eucharist is essential for our holiness.
· Without His presence in our hearts and minds we are susceptible to evil overcoming us.
· Do we sometimes appear to be someone we are really not? Can we choose God over self?

“Here Is Your God… He Comes to Save You.”

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