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Come After Me and I Will Make You Fishers of Men

The Third Sunday of Ordinary Time

Since we are still at the beginning of the season of Ordinary Time, it’s important to understand this transition from the Old Testament prophets, of which John was the last, to the New Testament preaching of our Lord.

As Jesus begins His preaching, His words are challenging but also very hopeful.  By saying that “the kingdom of heaven is at hand,” Jesus stirs interest and holy curiosity among His first listeners.  His call to repentance was softened by His new proclamation about the Kingdom.

Oftentimes, when we see someone living in serious sin, we want to judge and condemn.  But usually what they need the most is hope— hope that there is something much greater that comes from repentance, the HOPE of the Kingdom of God.  True fulfillment is only found in the Gospel, the message of Truth that Jesus shared during His three years of public ministry.

How do you try to satiate this desire in the fulfillment of life?

Do you allow the evil one to trick you into thinking that fleshly desires, pride or wealth are the answer?


Readings:  Third Sunday in Ordinary Time | USCCB

The Feast Day of Our Patron Saint Brigid

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