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I Have Come To Do Him Homage

Epiphany of the Lord

Did you know that the only reason we say that there were three wise men is that they brought three gifts?  And these special gifts—gold, frankincense, and myrrh—tell us much.

When one king visited or sent an ambassador to another, he would give a gift of gold to show that he acknowledged the kingship of the other.  The second gift is a type of incense, which was used in Jesus’ time to worship God.  The gift of myrrh is oil used to anoint the dying.  So, these gifts remind us of Jesus’ kingship, divinity, and his dying for us.

So, what gifts do we have for Jesus?  Maybe we can take a hint from the wise men.  If we acknowledge Jesus as king, maybe a better gift than gold would be to pledge our obedience to him.  A better way than burning incense to pay homage to Jesus’ divinity is to take time to pray throughout the day.  As for the gift of myrrh, we can give Jesus the crosses we bear each day.

The song “Little Drummer Boy” reminds us that the best gift is not necessarily the most expensive.  Instead, it is the simple gift that only we can give.  Let Epiphany remind us to offer our lives to Jesus each day.

      Tom Schmidt – Diocesan Publications.


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