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Jesus – Lent – Healing

Fourth Sunday of Lent
– Jesus came to save all creation in the future and He comes to heal us now.
– He healed the eyes of the blind man and also healed His heart and undoubtedly His position in His world.  He healed doubt and self‐image.
– The love of God is the only medicine to heal the effects of evil, despair, failure, isolation and a lost life.  God loved us so much that he sent His Son.
– Jesus is the healing power of God in our lives. A healing power to cure the sicknesses of life and even the effects of physical illness and indeed physical illness itself.
– What is it that we must be healed of?  What is it that blinds us to the life we need to see?  What is it that will heal us from things we are doing or have done?
– Is it true that we can offer our lives, our needs and our shortcomings as a sacrifice to our God at Mass?  Is it true that Jesus will offer our lives with His?  Is it true that He will heal us?

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