Message of the Week

Jesus – Salvation

Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord Lent
  • Jesus Christ died for our Salvation.
  • Men killed Him because of what he said and did. He died because He was faithful to the end in what He knew to be the Father’s will.
  • Because He was faithful, even to death, He proved that at least one man could be faithful to the Father’s will, to the end.
  • We are forgiven by that very act.
  • He fought a human and cosmic battle and He won. He could have quit but He didn’t.
  • All He asks is that we allow Him into our lives. All He asks is that we get to know Him and to follow Him.
  • We meet Him in the Mass. Our knee does bend. We are raised up. We are strengthened. We proclaim that Jesus is Lord. We breathe life. We go forward in confidence to live life as God meant us to live.

He is Risen, Celebrate Easter!

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