Message of the Week

Meet Him in the Breaking of the Bread

Third Sunday of Easter
  • The disciples met a stranger as they walked the road to Emmaus. He turned out not to be a stranger.
  • He taught them who He was by exposing them to the scriptures which foretold His coming.
  • He ate with them to show them that He was really alive and not just an apparition.
  • When He broke bread with them they saw who He was. Jesus had returned from the dead.
  • As you look at your own life are there still questions of who Jesus was and is to you?
  • Have you met Him personally? Is He just an apparition?
    He will come to you and you too can meet Him in the Eucharist – the breaking of the bread. Believe what you have heard and it will happen!

I Am the Good Shepherd, I Have Laid Down My Life For the Sheep

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