Message of the Week

No Prophet is Accepted in His Own Place

Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time
  • Jesus knew what was in the hearts of the people who listened to Him speak in the Synagogue
  • He emphasized that His healing grace and saving power were for any and all who believed, as both Elijah and Elisha demonstrated with their miracles.
  • He could feel their sense of entitlement that they, as His chosen people, should be tended to
  • He could also sense their bitterness, jealousy, anger and unbelief in His divinity.
  • The comparison of self to Elijah and Elisha was the final straw for Jesus’ audience that day, resulting in rage so great that they wished to kill Him.
  • What gets in the way of your belief in the ultimate power and transcendence of Jesus?
  • What prevents you from hearing and fully accepting His words and His grace?

Put Out Into Deep Water

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