Message of the Week

Our Time is Short

Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

– Time is running out for each of us and our lives draw nearer to their end every day.

– God is always calling us to repentance like he called the pagan Ninevites even though they were the enemies of Israel.

– We are all God’s enemies when we sin, but even when we were his enemies he still loved us and died for us.

– We need to ask God to teach us his ways and to guide us in his truth, so that we can share in his eternal life.

– When we sin, we tell God our transgressions are more important than God himself.

– When the Ninevites heard the reality of their sins, they turned away from them by fasting and other acts of penance.

– Like that of the Ninevites, our repentance is a witness of our true contrition and of our desire to reconcile with God.

– We must believe the Good News of Jesus Christ, that his Kingdom is at hand, by repenting of our sins in the sacrament of Reconciliation that Jesus instituted.

Jesus Is the Holy One of God

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