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Some Seed Fell on Rich Soil and Produced Fruit

Fifteenth Sunday Ordinary Time

Jesus threw out parables like a farmer sowing seeds.  Some of them fell on the ears of those who would be disciples.  But most fell on the ears of people not ready to understand.  The path, the rocky ground, and the thorns are all metaphors for how his teachings were received. So how do we receive his word?

Do we hear it without understanding, letting it go in one ear and out the other?  Do we hear it joyfully, but then forget it when troubles or difficulties come along?  Do we listen to the word but ignore it in the face of later temptation?

If we want the word to grow strong in us, we can take steps to help ourselves understand it.  We can come to church early and spend a few minutes with the readings before Mass.  After Mass, we can talk about the readings or the homily with our family over breakfast.  We can pick out one practical point to practice that week.

God’s word can be likened to a ball game.  We can sit back and watch, not really involved or caring who wins.  Or we can jump in and participate and make the game ours.  Let us ask God how we can take the word and run with it.

Tom Schmidt. Diocesan


His Enemy Came and Sowed WEEDS All Through the WHEAT.

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