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The Lord has Truly Been Raised

The Third Sunday of Easter

The two disciples had every reason and opportunity to see that it was Jesus walking beside them.

They knew that the tomb was empty and the women who had discovered it had relayed what the angel had told them: Jesus was alive.

Even their midst, the two disciples’ eyes were prevented from recognizing it was Jesus.

What clouds our vision?  It could be fear, doubt, despair, as on that road to Emmaus. Or maybe it is pride or hardness of heart?

Jesus comes to meet us, and we in turn have an opportunity to encounter him in many ways, most particularly in the breaking of the bread – the Eucharist.  No matter how frantic or chaotic our lives may have become, attending Mass serves as an anchor, and a reminder of Jesus’ presence with us every day. 


Readings:  Third Sunday of Easter | USCCB

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