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Whoever Serves Me Must Follow Me

The Fifth Sunday of Lent

The promise made by the Lord in the first reading is very bold.  He says that all people shall know him, without having to be taught by others.  The way people will know Him is through forgiveness of their sins.  Remember, he is speaking to the Israelites: When they broke a commandment or law, they were isolated from the community.  So, the promise that God would place his law in their hearts meant they would be free to do God’s will because they want to, not because they were feared punishment or rejection.

Jesus says something similar in today’s gospel.  He tells the disciples that his crucifixion would draw everyone to him. Now, Jesus’ death showed that he took on the punishment for sins in place of us, who deserve it.  By dying on the cross, Jesus shows how much God loves us.  By rising from the dead, he shows that we can rise from sin to a new life of faith and love.

Getting back to the first reading, we experience that promise when we bring our sins to God.  When we forgive people who have hurt us, we also help them to experience that love.  We also help others to know God when we share or experience of being forgiven.  The sacrament of Reconciliation gives us the assurance of God’s forgiveness, as well as the experience.  Along with the other sacraments, it helps us keep God’s love in our hearts.

Tom Schmidt, Diocesan Publications


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