Answering God’s Call

Did you know we all have a purpose in this life?

God has given each and every one of us  gifts. Those gifts are to be used for His glory.  Do you know what your purpose is?  If not, we invite you to attend our Living Your Strengths sessions.  This program isn’t necessarily meant to direct you into a Church ministry, but it will help you find your strengths and will help you to determine where your gifts may be needed.  Click on the link here for more information.

Picking a Ministry – Directory of Parish Ministries, Organizations & Programs Booklet

A summary of all our ministries along with contact information can be found all in one booklet below. Everything we do in the name of the Lord takes resources, and the only true resource we have at Saint Brigid … is you.

Click to view ministry booklet

After you have looked through the Ministry Directory and have found a ministry you are interested in, sign up below under ‘Signing Up for a Ministry’.  The Ministry Leader(s) of the ministry or ministries you are interested in will then contact you.

Signing Up for a Ministry

Now that you have found your strengths and what Saint Brigid Ministries will fit you best, the next step is to sign up!

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Teresa Rohmiller

678-393-0060 ext:112

Director of Stewardship/Business Office/Wedding Ministry