Funeral Receptions

Funeral Reception Volunteers provide a luncheon for family and friends of deceased members of the parish.  Volunteers can participate in 2 ways:

  • Prepare Food:  Volunteers prepare fruit, pasta salad or dessert at home to be sent into the church the morning of the funeral (or the night before) to be served at the luncheon.  Five different teams rotate food preparation as needed per funeral.
  • Serving, Set-up and Clean-upVolunteers meet the morning of the funeral to prepare for the luncheon.  This includes setting tables, making sandwiches, salad and drinks, plating food sent in by food teams, helping serve during the luncheon and cleaning up afterwards.  4-5 volunteers usually work each funeral.  Volunteers rotate working the luncheons depending on availability. Time: About 4 hours per funeral.

This is a great ministry that provides a welcoming and caring environment for our Parish families and their friends and acquaintances  in their time of grief.


Colleen Crupie

678-393-0060 ext. 168

Funeral Receptions Ministry Coordinator