Familia is a four-year study on family life using scripture and various Church documents. Babysitting is provided. Topics include Human Life, Our Call to Holiness, the Blessed Mother, and Virtue. The FAMILIA study (Family Life In America) takes a dynamic and innovative approach to the teachings of the Catholic Church. The program promotes a strong family structure, harmony among family members (especially husband and wife), and fosters an awareness of the need for Christ and the Church in daily family life. Drawing upon the Gospel, the Catechism of the Catholic Church, and various other Church documents, Familia promotes the Church’s beautiful teachings concerning marriage and family life.

Mothers of young children.. something just for you! A new FAMILIA study group will be starting this Fall at Saint Brigid. Grow in solid friendships with other moms just like you, delve more deeply into who your are as a woman, wife and mother in the light of your faith and equip yourself with practical tools that can be applied right away. Meetings are mornings or evenings.

Please contact coordinator Rosemary Uhuangh for more information or:
Visit http://www.familiausa.net/ for more information.
Better Husbands and Fathers.
Better Wives and Mothers. Holier Families.
Making a difference one family at a time.

Rosemary Uhuangho



Familia Ministry Coordinator