Children’s Choir

Children’s Choir

The Children’s Choir of Saint Brigid provides an enriching musical experience and teaches young people the importance of singing the Mass. Children will learn music reading skills and various styles of sacred music. The Children’s Choir sings at the 12:30 pm Mass once a month.  They also sing at other celebrations throughout the liturgical year, including Christmas Eve Mass, Easter Sunday Mass and the annual Saint Brigid’s Day concert in February.

Children’s Choir is open to children in First through Sixth Grades. Kindergarten students may be admitted at the Director’s discretion. Registrations are accepted throughout the year.

Rehearsals are held Sundays from 11:50 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. in the Saint Brigid Choir Room, and 1/2 hour before scheduled Mass appearances. To register your child[ren], please complete the Children’s Choir Registration Form and return to the Church Office or E-mail to Mrs. Charisse Excell, Director. You may also call Jonathan Eason, Director of Music, for more information.

The Saint Brigid Music Room is located down the Day School hallway across from the elevator. Please walk your child to and pick your child up from the music room for rehearsals.

2018 Children’s Choir Mass Schedule

August 2018
Sunday, 12 August 11:50-12:30  Rehearsal
Sunday, 19 August 11:50-12:30  Rehearsal
Sunday, 26 August 11:50-12:30 Rehearsal
No Children’s Choir Mass in August.

September 2018
Sunday, 9 September 11:50-12:30 Rehearsal
Sunday, 16 September 11:50-12:30 Rehearsal
Sunday, 23 September 11:50-1:30 Rehearsal and Mass
Sunday, 30 September 11:50-12:30 Rehearsal

October 2018
Sunday, 14 October 11:50-12:30 Rehearsal
Sunday, 21 October 11:50-12:30 Rehearsal
Sunday, 28 October 11:50-1:30 Rehearsal and Mass

November 2018
Sunday, 4 November 11:50-12:30 Rehearsal
Sunday, 11 November 11:50-1:30 Rehearsal and Mass

December 2018
Sunday, 2 December 11:50-12:30 Rehearsal
Sunday, 9 December 11:50-12:30 Rehearsal
Sunday, 16 December 11:50-12:30 Rehearsal
Monday, 24 December 2:30 p.m. Holy Redeemer Choir Room
 Christmas Eve Rehearsal and Mass

Charisse Excell

678-393-0060 ext:140

Director – Journey of Praise and Children's and Youth Choirs

Cathy McClain

678-393-0060 ext:140

Accompanist - Journey of Praise and Children's and Youth Choirs

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