Sursum Corda

Sursum Corda (Gregorian Chant Schola)

Sursum Corda is a Schola Cantorum (School of Singers) dedicated to Sacred Music, especially Gregorian Chant. The Schola sings at various Masses through the year, frequently in conjunction with the Choir of Saint Brigid. The Schola sings the Vigil of Easter every year. In August 2016, when Archbishop Wilton D. Gregory, S. L. D. came to bless the Saint Brigid Columbarium, Sursum Corda sang the Mass, including works by Craig Courtney and Dan Forrest as well as the Introit Grant them eternal Rest by contemporary composer Richard Rice. Jonathan Eason composed a setting of Psalm 4 for this occasion entitled I will Lay me Down; the Schola sang it from the steps above the sacred place while Archbishop Gregory was blessing the niches where loved ones were being committed.

The group’s repertoire includes selections from the following sources:

  • Graduale Romanum (Solesmes, 1974)
  • Plainchant Gradual (Our Lady of Walsingham, 1923)
  • Simple English Propers (Adam Bartlett, 2011)
  • Simple Choral Gradual (Richard Rice, 2009)
  • Introits of the Church Year (Healey Willan, edited Jonathan Eason, 2022)

It also includes polyphonic works by composers old and new, renowned and obscure, including Orlando di Lasso, Maurice Duruflé, Sergei Rachmaninoff, Josef Kromolicki, Jan Dismas Zelenka and others.

This ensemble is actively seeking singers; it is open by interview with the Director. For this group, it is important to be able to read music. It is also helpful if you can read neumes, but training in square notes is provided. To join Sursum Corda, contact Jonathan Eason to arrange a meeting.

Jonathan Eason

Rhett Barnwell


Organist, Harpist