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2011 04-10 Lenten Mission

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April 10, 2011

I AM…the resurrection and the life (John 11.25). On this fifth Sunday of holy Lent, the Lord Jesus proclaims boldly, that He, the son of Mary…He is the fulfillment of God’s promises, that He is Son of the Father, Son of the I AM that spoke to Moses in the epiphany of the burning bush (Exodus 3.14). On this fifth Sunday of the holy season of Lent, the Lord Jesus speaks to Saint Brigid and says to our parish family believe in me…in my new Way of Life….find life in me.

For four weeks now, we have sought to give ourselves to the disciplines of the spiritual life, hoping to turn away from the shadows and half-truths we concoct (the habits of sin) by turning toward the light of a new day, a new world…being forgiven and claimed by the Light of God…being redeemed by the obedient love of the Lord. With the disciplines of an intensified prayer life, with the bodily discipline of fasting from some of the good things of the earth and through our almsgiving and our works of service, we have sought metanoia…conversion of mind and heart. This was the plan we had, on Ash Wednesday.

But what if the first four weeks of holy Lent have slipped us by? What if you and I are just waking up to this reality…of the need to repent and believe? What if the disciplines of holy Lent were put on the back burner…and never moved to the front? Fear not…there’s a way for you to begin again…THIS WEEK!

Beginning on Tuesday the 12th, and continuing on Wednesday and Thursday of this week, Dr. Allen Hunt will offer us a Lenten Mission, entitled The Life You’ve Always Dreamed Of. For three nights (12-14 April), this renowned author will speak to us about the spiritual life, and the call we have received, for conversion of heart. Each night’s teaching begins at 7 PM. Copies of his books will be available for purchase during the three nights of our Mission.

On the third and final night of the Lenten Mission, Dr. Hunt will conclude his teaching at 7:30 PM. Then, from 7:30 to about 9 PM, area priests will be available for the celebration of the Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation. Please mark your calendars and smart phones and take advantage of this three-day Lenten Mission. Babysitting will be offered during the mission, to be of assistance to our moms and dads.

I hope that all of you reading this column make every effort to be in attendance. It’s a wonderful way for us to begin again in this fifth week of Lent. Please make sure to schedule your celebration of Confessions before the 21st of April. Along with the communal penance service on the 14th of April, we will continue to offer the Sacrament of God’s mercy on Wednesdays and Saturdays. You will need to schedule your celebration of the sacrament during these times. There will be no opportunity for confessions after the sacred Triduum begins (with the evening liturgy of Holy Thursday).

I AM…I AM the resurrection and the life. He is speaking to us…we…who are the Martha and the Mary and the Lazarus of John’s Gospel. Let us answer the invitation of the Lord…with joy and fervor…and a committed heart.

Ad maiorem Dei gloriam

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