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2011 06-12 Pentecost

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June 12, 2011

He leaves yet remains

The man from Nazareth had formed a small fellowship of pilgrims and was loved as a brother and a mentor and a leader. After being welcomed by many to a week of Passover in Jerusalem, the songs of celebration turned into wails of mourning. He had been railroaded through a trial and executed as an enemy of the state, in a horrible and shameful way. His traveling family had been dispersed out of fear and out of guilt, for most had abandoned him in his hour of need. 

He leaves yet remains

The city was rife with rumor and confusion. The small family of Jesus hid from those in authority, for “authority”…the leaders at Temple and the strength of Rome…had crushed their hope with the death of their leader. This small family of pilgrims, especially those known to be in positions of leadership (his chosen eleven), were in hiding, for they feared what might happen to them. But then, on the first day of the week, He came to them, alive. They were ecstatic. They feared what they were experiencing, an absolute act of the living God, their brother and mentor and leader…now known as Lord…Risen from death. 

He leaves yet remains

The Risen Lord taught them about the plan of God and how that plan was coming to fruition in Himself. He breathed life into them and gave them His authority to carry on the ministry of reconciliation and salvation. He brought such joy to the men and women that were his own. But then…He announced that he would leave them.

 He leaves yet remains

The ancient and ever-new Catholic Church proclaims that this Jesus of Nazareth is THE revelation of the Father. We need no other Word. God’s Word has come to us, and this Word is the door, the way home, the truth, our happiness, the Vine of Life, the Kingdom. And this Word, though He left the good earth at Ascension…remains with us…in and through the Holy Spirit.

Today’s great feast of Pentecost concludes the Easter season. The bestowal of the Holy Spirit on the apostles and on the Church is the dawn of the Age of the Church, the Body of Christ present in our day. The Easter season is all about redemption: the suffering servant, that lamb of sacrifice, is redeemed and lifted high by God the Father. We, His followers, bask at the victory of the Son of David. We, His followers, rejoice at the blessing of Light. And we, His followers, have been given His mission, and told to make it our own…for He is with us…in the Holy Spirit.

Today’s great feast of Pentecost concludes the joy of the Easter season. In and through the Spirit, we serve the Kingdom by living the life and proclaiming the truth…not because we are strong but because He has breathed life into us. 

He leaves yet remains…in and through the Holy Spirit
and we are his witnesses

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