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2011 10-09 How We Communicate the Good News of the Lord!

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October 9, 2011

How we communicate the Good News of the Lord! 

In the whirlwind that is the 21st century of the Catholic Church, how are we…the parish family of Saint Brigid…to communicate the Good News of the Lord Jesus with one another ? In the rapid-fire world of instant messages and Facebook and Tweeting, how will we hope to communicate…the living Word of God? The Lord God communicated love and presence and being to us creatures of the earth…by a single Word.  How are we…disciples of that Word…to communicate the love and presence and being that the Word imparts?  How are we to share the light and the love we have been given? 

The web and Saint Brigid: I need to hear from those of you ready to share your IT expertise with me and with our staff. We have a web-page ( and our staff does their best to keep it user-friendly. But we know that it’s not great, that we could do a lot better. Do you have the computer-web-IT experience and expertise to assist us? Please contact me at, and let me know if you might assist your parish in a major “upgrade”. 

We have a mobile site for those of you always on the go. Just enter our website address ( on your smart phone and our mobile website will immediately come up on your screen.  Please take a look at this and see how it works for you…in receiving the news and goings-on of the parish. Let Joanne Willis know how this tool of communication is working for us ( 

The weekly bulletin: though lots do not read the printed bulletin (and this column!), many do! We have recently contracted to EXPAND the bulletin with four additional pages. This should assist us in getting more information into the hands of our parishioners. MINISTRY COORDINATORS…please note: With these four additional pages, we will no longer use the “insert” method of communicating an upcoming event. You will need to “book all” for inclusion in the expanded bulletin. From today going forward, we will not allow “inserts” for basic ministry communication. 

The Brigid News Network: Though you might no longer “see” them, we have television sets throughout the parish plant, with scrolling information offered on a continuous basis. Deacon Leo has just taken on this project; but Deacon Leo, a good and humble man, knows that he needs help! This “BNN” could be a great tool of communication for us, but we need your ideas — expertise — assistance. Let me know if you might be able to assist us with this particular way of communicating good news ( 

The 18th of October at 7 PM: My friend Fr. Joseph Morris, a frequent and beloved presider at our liturgies, will offer his Mark’s Gospel LIVE, on October 18th, at 7 PM. This priest of the Archdiocese has memorized the Gospel of Mark; and with a few simple props, he will stand before the Altar in the Nave of our church and bring the words of Jesus to life in his one-man performance. Mark your calendars and I-phones. This is something you MUST experience. Take a look at what we will see, at A nursery is provided and the “cost” will be a love-offering taken up at intermission. No excuses, brothers and sisters. Come, fill-up the church, and experience the power of the word of Jesus (the Word)…as He communicated the Kingdom to His friends then…and to us here and now. 

In the whirlwind that is the 21st century of the Lord’s Church, how do we communicate the good news of the Lord Jesus? With every tool and technology we can put our hands on! Let me know how you can help me and us, to spread the light and love of that one Word. 


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