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2011 10-30 Deacon Jim LaFreniere Update

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October 30, 2011

As most everyone of you know, our own Deacon Jim LaFreniere lost his wife this past August, after her long bout with cancer. Our parish came together in our support of Deacon Jim and his daughter Abby, as we offered a funeral Mass for Debbie, lifting up our friend in prayer.  

I had the good fortune to have lunch with Deacon Jim on the 6th. We talked about the past two months and how he and Abby have been living together in the new reality of a single-parent household. Though the grief and loneliness continue to be part of Deacon Jim’s landscape, he is doing much better these days. Abby, too. Deacon Jim wanted me to thank all of Saint Brigid for our prayer. He also wanted to single out our Caring Connection ministry, an outreach ministry that continues to offer Deacon Jim and Abby meals. He said that this has been such a blessing. 

Deacon Jim is trying to get his business up to speed. He and Abby continue to live a day at a time, hoping to find a “new normal”. He will return to diaconal service when the time is right, and he knows that he and Abby are ours! Just wanted you to know that he is doing much better, and is thankful for our parish family…his parish family. 

                                                            Msgr. David

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