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2011 11-18

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A Day Before the Election  – Our New Seminarians

I am writing this column for the weekend of the 17th and 18th of November on the 5th …a day before the election.  So, though I do not know the results of the election while typing out these words, I am assuming that all of us know the results by this Sunday!  As always, the work of faith for every disciple of the Lord Jesus and the whole of our Catholic Church is to live in the world…to contribute our energy and ideals for the building up of a civilization of love and caring for the common good….but not be of the world…allowing the post-modern cynicism and narcissism of our “mass media” culture to inform and guide our hearts. That work of guiding our hearts…that work is the work of the Lord.

Let us lift up in prayer all those that were elected to public office; and let us lift up in prayer all those that desired to serve but were not elected. As a self-governing republic, our beloved nation will not stand unless men and women risk defeat in their desire to offer leadership. Looking to the best side of all candidates let us thank God for their offer of service, and pray for the good of all.


    And, in pondering the election of 2012 and the election (or re-election) of our President, some of us of a certain age will pause on the 22nd, and remember where we were, when we heard the news from Dallas. Please God, allow us a full measure of your Spirit, that we may say no to the violence and darkness of evil by saying yes to the Light of your Christ…our Way of new life.


I’m hoping that most of you have met Brian Baker, the seminarian that has been a part of our parish for several months now. Please make sure that you say hello and offer an encouragement to him…when you see him on the weekends.

And speaking of seminarians, Deacon Dennis Dorner the Younger (Deacon Dennis’s son) is with us for much of November. He’s in for a rest and Thanksgiving  with his family. Deacon Dennis Jr. will be ordained a priest for us this summer…and his first Mass will be at Saint Brigid. As they say….stay tuned.


   We’re just a few days away from the great national feast-day….Thanksgiving Day. All of you with families here…why not look for single adults at Mass this weekend… and ask each of them if they have a place to go for Thanksgiving? As we give thanks to the Giver of all gifts on this wonderful day…no one in the parish should be left outside…and without. So, let’s look to invite someone to join us. 


2012 11-18 A Day Before The Elections – Our Seminarians
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