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2012 01-08 Rezoning Meeting at City Hall

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January 8, 2012


This Monday, the 9th of January, from 6:30 to 8:30 PM, please join me at the Johns Creek City Hall (12000 Findley Road, Suite 400), to show your support of our application to rezone the property on Brumbelow Road, for parish use.

On the 9th, let’s all wear our “green”, in honor of Saints Brigid and Patrick, to show that we are the parish family of Saint Brigid, and we hope to purchase the property on Brumbelow Road, for any future expansion of our parish plant.

With the enthusiastic support of our clergy and the members of our Finance Council…and…with the enthusiastic support of our staff and lay-leadership in the parish, I am hoping to lead us in purchasing property on Brumbelow Road (between the rectory and the Bank of America), as a prudent investment, knowing that the parish will need to think about future additions to our plant.

If we are allowed the rezoning that we are seeking, we will construct a road that will allow the parish and school an access to Brumbelow Road. Some of our neighbors on Brumbelow are against our application, fearing that it will cause terrible traffic problems. Please know that wanting to be good neighbors and seeking the common good of all, we have paid professional engineers to study the traffic patterns of our parish and school, and how those patterns would change with the Brumbelow Road access. These professionals have reported to the leadership of Johns Creek that the Brumbelow Road access we seek (with a successful application to rezone the property) will not affect the traffic flow in a significant way.

Still, some of our neighbors are against the parish’s desire for this access and will show up on the 9th, to voice their opposition. This is why I need you to join with me on the 9th, wearing your Saint Brigid’s green, and support our application with your presence and your voices. For us football fans, we’ll make it home in plenty of time for “the game”.


For those of you with little ones, did you notice the changes in our two cry-rooms? In an attempt to offer additional meeting space for the many ministries of our parish (we have so little space for meetings), we have taken away the kneelers and the “book nooks” from the chairs in the two cry rooms, so that those rooms can be used seven days a week.  

With a carpeted floor in both rooms, y’all will still be able to kneel during the Mass; and we’ll hope to have a table in each room for song books and liturgy aides. So, the changes should not affect you during your active participation in holy Mass. 


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