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2012 03-18 Lenten Mission

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March 18, 2012

THIS WEEK: Our Lenten Mission: 19 through 21 March 

Fr. Dan Mahan of Marian University in Indianapolis will be with us for this year’s Lenten Mission. In our three day Lenten Mission, Fr. Mahan will encourage our parish family to grow closer to the Lord Jesus, to deepen our bonds of communion with the Catholic Church and to inspire us to a recommitment to the work that the Lord has given us. 

Our Lenten Mission, entitled More than Silver or Gold, is all about gratitude…for all the gifts given…gratitude for the gift of life, for the gifts of family and friends, for the gift of faith, for the gift of this parish, for the incredible gift of God’s mercy, experienced in and through the blessed gift of God’s Son…the Lord… Jesus of Nazareth. 

Why not make this three-night mission the central spiritual work of your Lent? Each night, Fr. Dan Mahan will speak to us for one hour. I hope and pray that you’ll be able to give yourself this gift…to spend this hour with the parish, in learning more about what it means to live the joyful, disciplined life of a follower of Jesus. 

On Monday the 19th, the hour-long talk will end with a period of Adoration, followed by Benediction. 

On Tuesday the 20th, the hour-long talk will end with our parish’s Lenten penance service. The Sacrament of Reconciliation will be offered at 8 PM, and we will have lots of priests to assist us with this great sign of Christ’s Presence among us! 

On Wednesday the 21st, the concluding hour-long talk will be followed by a parish social in Corbett Hall. 

Three days…three hours of the life you’ve been given. Please join me at More than Silver or Gold, 19-21 March. BABYSITTING will be offered each evening! 


New ministries needed at Saint Brigid:

the audio-visual world and the world of I.T.

I’ve mentioned this before, but need to bring it up again. We are looking to create new ministries for the parish: a ministry dedicated to the audio-visual needs of the parish, in the liturgies of the Church and in our work in catechesis and ongoing adult formation; and a ministry that will offer the staff ongoing advice, counsel and support for our I.T. needs. I am hoping that we have parishioners with some experience in dealing with the technology of these two worlds; and, I am hopeful that we might have some of you with an interest in assisting us. If you are willing to get together with a few of us to discuss either of these two needs of the parish, please contact me at


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