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2012 06-03 Trinity Sunday

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June 3, 2012

Let’s think for a minute or two about the English word “love”. When you think about the word, does your mind sense that this word “love” is a noun…a thing or an abstraction…or a verb…an action? The noun “love” describes an affection or emotional feeling of attraction; but I’m guessing that for most of us, the word love is descriptive of an action…to love…an action that is experienced. 

What human being has not experienced this movement of the heart, this joy-pain-fullness-emptiness of loving…a person…or the gift of beauty in music, in nature, in the arts? The experience of loving or the lack of this powerful experience is what defines us. 

The disciples of the Lord Jesus…those men and women that lived disciplined lives in imitation of His life…have told us that God islove (1 John 4.16)…not the noun but the verb!  The One that is being itself (the name given to Moses…YHWH)…the One we name “God”…is the creative and relational power we know as love. 

This is what we celebrate on this Trinity Sunday…that the One who is God is known in the self-giving relational love of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. The One that is God…is known in and through a relational community of Persons. We know this because the Son told us of His relationship with the Father and the Spirit. 

When you ponder the notion of God or when you struggle with the idea of faithfulness or a lack of faithfulness, please remember that the experiences that have most defined you (the action of love)….have been given to you by Love…by the One…by a community of relational and self-giving love, known as the Trinity.


On this Trinity Sunday, you will hear from a fellow parishioner, Russ Spencer. For years now, Russ has offered his time and his considerable talents to the Archdiocese’s Eucharistic Congress. Russ will speak to us and urge us to make plans to attend some or all of next weekend’s Eucharistic Congress. Brian Campbell is our parish coordinator for the Congress. After you’ve heard Russ Spencer’s personal witness about the spiritual power of the Congress, why not contact Brian at campbell.brian.john@gmail.comand ask about the buses that are taking our parishioners to and from the Congress next Saturday. 


Please know that Fr. Exumé’s last weekend Masses will be on the 16th and 17th of June. He will begin his new assignment later in the week. Please find him before or after Mass…and thank him for the wonderful service he has offered our parish these past three years. Our new priest will arrive on the 1st of July! 


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