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2013 02-10 What Does It Mean to Be the Body of Christ?

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 A Guest Column from Teresa Rohmiller, Director of Stewardship…

 What does it mean to be the body of Christ? 

 “Now you are Christ’s body and individually parts of it.”        1 Corinthians 12:27

Like each part of the body, we each have unique gifts to offer the church, our families and our communities…gifts of hospitality, organization, teaching, evangelism, etc.  Christ calls us to be His disciples, to actively live our gifts as His hands and feet.

We are very blessed at Saint Brigid to have so many wonderful parishioners willing to share their gifts both within and outside of our parish.  One of the ways we can share our gifts outside the parish is through the support of the Archbishop’s Annual Appeal.  The appeal supports Youth and Young Adult Ministry and Family Life and Pastoral Care Ministry, both of which train and provide resources for our parish ministers, enabling them to use their gifts of talent in serving our parish.  It also funds Catholic schools and religious education.  In addition, the appeal provides funding for the permanent diaconate, seminarians and our priests, and many other Archdiocesan pastoral outreach, education and formation ministries that serve Saint Brigid as well as our larger Church family.

The Archbishop’s Annual Appeal is not just another special collection.  Every parish in the Archdiocese of Atlanta is given a certain goal to reach.  When that goal is exceeded, 100% of the excess returns to Saint Brigid to be used here.  So, in that way, giving to the Archbishop’s Annual Appeal is giving to the parish too.

We are called to love as Christ did through how we live, act and serve others. Ask yourselves,

How am I living that love, actively using my gifts to be the body of Christ?  How can I make a return for all God has given to me? 

We are asked to give of ourselves, our time and our money out of gratitude for the gifts that we have been given by God.  When we do this we bring so much good to our community and world. This year as you consider your pledge to the 2013 Archbishop’s Annual Appeal we ask you to prayerfully reflect on the generosity of God in your life. A monetary donation to the appeal is one way in which we can act in gratitude and make a return for all that God has graciously bestowed upon us. 

Thank you for your support!      


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