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2013 07-14 In the Midst of Our Summer Recess

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From our new pastor, Fr. Neil Herlihy:

 As we know, the school year has ended and we are in the midst of our summer recess.  Parents, teachers, and students all deserve a pause to refresh themselves through vacations and other forms of relaxation.  Although students take a break from school, we are reminded that they should not take a break from the Lord.  Parents are challenged during this period to plan carefully to make time for Mass with their families on Sunday, especially when they are out of town, and to take time for the Lord on a daily basis.

 Our Church’s teaching reminds us that parents are the primary educators of their children in the faith.  Parents are called to guide and assist their children in a society which unfortunately has many corrupting influences on our youth.  Such influences may include the media, peers, and even teachers with a misguided secular orientation.  These influences can compromise the harmony and spiritual integrity of even the best of families.  Parents are therefore urged to carefully nurture their children in these difficult times.

 On a personal note, I thank you for your warm words of welcome.  Please continue to support, encourage, and pray for me during this period of transition. 

God bless, Fr. Neil.


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