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2013 01-20 The Restored Order of Deacons: a blessing from Vatican II, a blessing for us

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The restored Order of Deacons:

 a blessing from Vatican II, a blessing for us

 In this special Year of Faith, the whole Church recalls the gifts given in and through the work of the College of Bishops (successors of the Apostles), the theologians that advised them and the indwelling Spirit of the Lord… at the second Ecumenical Council held at the Vatican (or, Vatican II)…held from 1962 to 1965. In reflecting on these gifts, Saint Brigid recalls with special gratitude, the restored Order of Deacons….what we call the Permanent Diaconate. This Order, allowing married men to serve as deacons in the Church was restored as a means of ministry during the deliberations of the Council Fathers of Vatican II.

We know them as our brothers in faith, our friends and truly, servant leaders of the parish. You know them…Deacon Dennis, Deacon Jim, Deacon Leo, Deacon Tom, Deacon David and Deacon Henry. These deacons and their wives…they are a blessing to us at Saint Brigid. And for me, as Pastor, our deacons are my closest advisors, along with Fr. Josh.

 By God’s grace, another is called to ordained ministry:

Tom Sandusky 

On the 2nd of February, Tom Sandusky will be ordained DEACON for the Church, and will serve our Saint Brigid community. Soon-to-be Deacon Tom and his wife Susan ask us for our prayer…and I know that this will be given him and them. Please know that a reception will be held for Deacon Tom Sandusky on the 3rd of February, after the 10:45 Mass. Deacon Tom will serve at the Altar for the first time as an ordained cleric at the 10:45 AM Mass.

 So mark your calendars! Come and greet Deacon Tom and his wife Susan and their family…in Corbett Hall…the 3rd of February…after the 10:45 AM Mass. Let him see our support and our love for the commitment he has made in ordination.

 But there’s even more blessing:

Brian Campbell, Eric Simontis, Jim Wolf plus three!

 After Tom’s ordination, Brian Campbell becomes our senior man in formation for the Diaconate. And joining him this year are parishioners Eric Simontis and Jim Wolf. Please pray for these three men and their wives and families…that the Lord’s will may be made manifest in their formation and discernment.

AND, in addition to all of this, three Saint Brigid parishioners are looking to begin this formation process. We are blessed indeed!




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