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2016 01-10 The Baptism of the Lord, The Year of Mercy and the “Living the Eucharist” Lenten Program

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From our pastor, Father Neil Herlihy

As we celebrate the Baptism of Our Lord, Our Holy Father, Pope Francis reminds us that “our baptism has also given us a share in the Church’s mission of evangelization; as disciples, we are also missionaries.” He has called on us to ask the Lord “to renew in us the grace of our Baptism and to make us with all our brothers and sisters, true children of God and living members of his body, the Church.” Pope Francis has challenged us as Catholics to be a more integral part of the Church. He spoke of the bond of unity and sharing that should mark the lives of all Christians on their spiritual journey. We can support each other, encourage each other, work with each other, and pray for each other. As disciples, we can lift each other up spiritually as we reaffirm our commitment to strive to give honor and glory to the Lord who loves us. Our Holy Father has also called on us to be “announcers of the Gospel capable of forgiving and loving even our enemies.”

This Extraordinary Year of Mercy provides us with a great opportunity to meet the challenge presented to us by Our Holy Father. He calls on us to become more merciful in our lives and to bring God’s mercy to others. He also calls on us to seek spiritual cleansing and avail ourselves of the Sacrament of Reconciliation. He challenges us to learn more about our faith, more effectively live our faith, and set a good example for those we encounter in the course of our daily lives.

As previously mentioned, one way to grow spiritually and more effectively live our faith is to participate in the “Living the Eucharist” program. It’s organizers describe it as a “parish based program designed to help revitalize parish life and spirituality through a more profound experience of Sunday Mass. It helps the entire parish – adults, teens, and families – grow in their Catholic faith and live more fully as disciples of Jesus.” Parishioners participate in faith sharing groups, family activities, and devotional and catechetical readings. Fr. Tri will coordinate our program for the coming year.

In addition to the “Living the Eucharist” program, we can also grow spiritually by participating in the many educational opportunities offered here at Saint Brigid. Please check the parish website or bulletin for details.

As we begin this New Year, we are invited to take seriously the invitation of Our Holy Father to grow spiritually and truly strive to be the disciples the Lord has called us to be.

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