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2018 02-25 Lenten Parish Mission with Dr. Allen Hunt, “4 Habits That Will Transform Your Life”

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 From our pastor Father Neil Herlihy

This week we will host a Lenten Parish Mission from Monday February 26th to Wednesday February 28th.  A Parish Mission can provide an opportunity for transformation and spiritual growth as we strive to renew and strengthen our relationship with the Lord.  The Mission will be presented by Dr. Allen Hunt. He is a well-known Catholic author and radio host, who converted to the faith in 2008. He is also a dynamic speaker and conference leader who focuses on enhancing the spiritual lives of ordinary people.  The theme of the Mission is “Find Your Greatness: 4 Habits That Will Transform Your Life.”

Dr. Hunt is a senior advisor to “Dynamic Catholic”, an organization which strives to invigorate the Catholic Church in America.  He stated that “Dynamic Catholic” staff members did research and they “arrived at the four spiritual habits shown to produce the greatest transformation or spiritual change/growth in people’s lives.  After all, our lives change when our habits change.”  Dr. Hunt reminds us that Lent is a good time for people to think about habits and the way they do things.

We may also realize that Lent is a good time to take a closer look at ourselves.  It is a time to reflect, and strive to determine which way we are heading, and how we may be able to alter our spiritual course.  It is also a good time to confront the temptations that are all around us.  These temptations are very real and very powerful.

Dr. Hunt stated, “When you think about Jesus in the wilderness for 40 days, fasting and praying as he resisted the devil.  He models for us some spiritual disciplines and their power in sustaining us and helping us overcome temptation and sin in our lives.”  He also explained that “Lent is all about following the example of Jesus, correcting course where we need to, and moving toward God in intentional ways.  Forming a new habit helps move us in that right direction.”

Forming a new habit can also help free our hearts from all that would hold us captive to selfishness and sin.  It can help us make real and substantive spiritual progress on our Lenten journey.

We are invited to join Dr. Hunt and gain some practical insights on how we can better live our lives as followers of Christ.  Details concerning the Mission can be obtained from the Parish Bulletin, APP, and website as well as from the Parish office.  I hope that you will prayerfully consider joining us for this Parish Mission and avail yourself of this great opportunity for spiritual growth.

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