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2018 09-16 Pray for the Renewal and Sanctification of the Church

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From our pastor, Father Neil Herlihy
In communion with the Holy Father, Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, the president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, has called for a National Lay Commission, granted independent authority, to address the current abuse scandal in the Catholic Church. During this painful time of uncertainty, we are invited to reflect on this prayer for “For the Renewal & Sanctification of the Church in Crisis”, by Pedro de la Cruz.

Please continue to pray for our church and its people in this time of crisis.

All Good and Holy God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit –

We beg your divine protection upon the Church as she endures these terrible clerical scandals.  Unlike the majority of good and holy priests, who sacrificially devote their lives to the service of the church, there have dwelt among us some false Shepherds who have deeply wounded your flock.

These “weeds among the wheat” have wantonly broken faith with you and have forsaken their vows to chastely serve the people of God.  Many of those given authority to govern your Church have turned a blind eye to these unimaginable atrocities, thus giving further scandal by enabling these horrific sins.

We beg you O Lord for a just resolution to each and every crime committed against your flock, and that by a life of prayer and penance those who are guilty of such things may find true contrition.

We place the church under the unwavering protection of the Ever-Virgin Mary and St. Joseph, her most chaste spouse.  By their loving care for your children, may the Church undergo a profound renewal of purity and awaken true devotion among the people of God.

Bless and uphold all faithful clergy and consecrated religious, that they may grow in holiness and not abandon the vocations you have called them to.

May we all sincerely commit our lives more deeply to a fervent practice of Catholic faith, that by doing so we may make reparation for all those who have so grievously offended and betrayed you.   Amen


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