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2018 09-23 The Newcomers Social, Welcoming New Parishioners in our Community

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From our pastor, Father Neil Herlihy
Each quarter, we sponsor a “Newcomers Social” at the Saint Brigid Parish rectory.Newcomers social
We welcome all those who are new to the Parish to join us for food and fellowship.  It is a way to welcome newcomers into our faith community.  They are invited to meet our priests and deacons, and some of the lay leaders of our Parish.  In attendance, we have representatives of the Men of Saint Brigid, the Moms Group, the Circle of Sisters, the Knights of Columbus, the Pastoral Council, and also coordinators of certain other Parish ministries and programs.

During the course of the evening, our leaders interact with our newcomers, informing them of various Parish activities.  Many of our newcomers are not familiar with this area, and so we discuss opportunities and challenges in relocating to this local environment.  Our leaders also answer their questions and address any concerns they may have.  While being sensitive to their family and employment needs, they encourage our newcomers to become active members of our Parish family and do their part to enhance the spiritual vitality of our Saint Brigid faith community.

Last week we had our latest gathering.  Many of our newcomers commented on how much they enjoyed the evening.  We present the pictures taken at the “Newcomers Social” to give you a glimpse of this fun-filled event. 


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