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2024 04-21 “Growing In Faith”, A Campaign for Saint Brigid Catholic Church

Written by: Father Neil Herlihy to watch video.

For more than two decades, Saint Brigid Catholic Church has served the spiritual needs of Catholics in the North Atlanta area.  We have provided a spiritual home where our people could find fellowship in Christ, raise their children in a spiritual environment, expand their knowledge and understanding of their faith, and work to fulfill their God-given purpose.

Our existing parish facilities have served us well, and now we are a thriving faith community with over 4,000 households, blessed with active lay leaders and dynamic ministries.  As our parish has grown, we have struggled to accommodate the over eighty parish ministries and organizations seeking space for meetings, activities, and fellowship.  Scheduling events and functions can be difficult due to space limitations.   Our limited space hinders our ability to add new ministries and expand existing ones.

Our parish leadership, including our expansion committee, has reminded us that we have not entered into a major expansion project in close to twenty years.  After careful study and discussion over the last few years, our leadership has asked us as a faith community to consider and evaluate the feasibility of the construction of a Pastoral Life Center.  This proposed large free standing two-story Pastoral Life Center would serve as an investment in the spiritual vitality of our Parish and strengthen our efforts to enhance our faith and fellowship.  It would also serve as a legacy to our children and grandchildren.  The new Center would enable us to enhance our ministries and programs, helping to ensure that our Parish will continue to be vibrant and flourish.

Our parish leadership, in coordination with professional advisory firms, has prepared a summary of the proposed project including a brief video.  The video is also accessible on our Parish website.  We are poised to go forward with the project.  Since the project will require a capital campaign, we will need your cooperation and support, spiritually and financially.  We invite you to attend one of our information sessions scheduled for –

Thursday, April 25th, or Monday, April 29th at 7:00pm in Corbett Hall, or you may contact one of our Parish representatives:

– John Revell:, Chief Operating Officer

– Brian Dooling:, Campaign Chairperson

– Jim Shields:, Expansion Chairperson

– Nancy Ketchum:, Expansion Committee

Please also be assured that we are challenged to be good stewards of Church funds.  Due to your generosity and the prudent management of our parish leadership, our Church is debt free.  We do not intend to initiate the project unless we can remain debt free after utilizing a small bridge loan from the Archdiocese of Atlanta during the period of construction, which is standard operating practice.

I genuinely appreciate all you do to enhance the spiritual vitality of our faith community.

Thank you all and God bless you.


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